Boley Lathe

Posted on July 25, 2014

Finding the Boley Lathe can be an somewhat difficult task and even more so at the right price. Below are some finds that we discovered on eBay and Amazon to help you get that lowest price available, Both of these sites are two of the most trusted resources on the web for finding Boley Lathe.

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Comments about Boley Lathe around the Web

Brian wrote:

Just yesterday I picked up my Boley Lathe Watchmaker Germany Nr. 1973651 on eBay.
Shawnna Devlin wrote:
Got my Index Plates - Sherline - Watchmaker Lathe Boley Lorch Fusee Bergeon 2664 holes years ago and am really happy that I got it.
Magnolia wrote:
Just yesterday my daughter bought my G. BOLEY JEWELERS WATCH MAKERS LATHE MADE IN GERMANY on eBay.
Verlie wrote:
Got my Boley & Leinen , German Watch Lathe made for Henry Paulson years ago and am really happy the transaction.
Nydia Delcid wrote:
Just yesterday my son picked up my G Boley Watch & Jewelers Lath at garage sale.
Cindi Fielding wrote:
Got my 3 JAW FACE PLATE DISK CHUCK 8MM LATHE TOOLING, VINTAGE BOLEY years ago and am totally pleased the purchase.
Gilbert Ocampo wrote:
Last week my kids bought my Boley 8mm Watchmaker Lathe and many parts with Siemens Schuckert Motor at a yard sale.
Torrie wrote:
Just yesterday I found my Bergeon High-Speed Grinding Milling Attachment Levin / Boley Watchmakers Lathe on Amazon.
Herb wrote:
Got my G. Boley Multi Speed Watchmakers Lathe & 3 Axis Cross Slide months ago and am totally pleased that I got it.
Verlie wrote:
Got my LATHE, WATCHMAKER's JEWELLER's Boley / Jahn Chuck / Make offer: All or Part some time ago and am totally pleased the transaction.
Elinor Oshiro wrote:
Last week I picked up my Vintage Boley Watchmakers Lathe at a yard sale.
Margy wrote:
Last week my son bought my 45m 4 Jaw Chuck 8mm For Boley Watchmakers Lathe on eBay.
Doug wrote:
Just last week my kids picked up my Boley Jeweler and Watchmaker Lathe at a yard sale.
Ayanna wrote:
Just last week my wife picked up my Rdgtools 45mm / 50mm Watch Makers Lathe Chucks With Different Arbours You Choose on eBay.
Vaughn wrote:
Got my 8mm WATCHMAKERS LATHE HEADSTOCK WITH DRAW BAR Boley? Lorch ? Not Signed hours ago and am totally pleased with the price.
Doyle Greenly wrote:
Today my son found my COLLECTION OF BOLEY 8mm LATHE COLLETS total of 24 on Amazon.
Janeth Cassinelli wrote:
Recently my son-in-law bought my BOLEY WATCHMAKERS LATHE ACCESSORY STAKING TOOL KIT on eBay.
Moshe Schull wrote:
Today my wife found my Boley Precision Bench Model Jeweler's Lathe at garage sale.

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